Striving towards Level-4 accreditation.

Paths to QUALITY is a free and voluntary quality rating and improvement system for child care. The system is designed to help child care providers and programs learn new ways to improve the quality of their care, while providing the standards, recognition and support that is necessary for providers to increase the level of care. The system validates programs and providers for ongoing efforts to achieve higher standards of quality.

The standards have been validated by scientific research and contain four levels of quality. Each level builds on the foundation of the previous one, resulting in significant quality improvements at each stage resulting in national aqccreditation at the highest level. The four levels address:

Level 1 - Health and Safety needs of children met

Level 2 - Environment supports children's learning

Level 3 - Planned curriculum guides child development and school readiness

Valley has achieved Level 3 Certification which requires that we have:

  • implemented a planned curriculum that addresses the stages of child development
  • demonstrated professional growth of the director and staff in excess of licensing requirements
  • facilitated family and staff input into the program
  • established a strategic plan