Q: How long has Valley been in operation?

A: Valley has been providing quality early childhood education in a daycare environment since 1975.

Q: What is the teacher/child ratio?

A: Our current teacher/child ratio is 1/10.

Q: How many children are in the classroom?

A: The Center has two large rooms and several activity centers allowing children to work with the teachers in small groups.

Q: Are there appropriate kitchen facilities to provide nutritional meals?

A: Nutritionally sound menus, kitchen and staff are certified by the state licensing agency.

Q: What accreditations are held and how often are they renewed?

A: Valley has been certfied Level 3 Paths to QUALITY, a state voluntary quality program, which is reviewed annually.

Q: Does the curriculum support educational development for all children?

A: Our curriculum allows variety and flexibility to develop life-long learning skills.

Q: Is the facility clean and well-maintained?

A: Regular maintenance and daily cleaning provides safe and sanitary conditions throughout the Center.

Q: Does the space allow a change of scenery and a variety of activities?

A: Valley's adaptable classrooms provide areas for large and small motor skill development.

Q: Is the staff passionate about their job and the development of children?

A: Valley has nine qualified staff members certified in CPR and first aid representing over 130 years of child care experience.

Q: Is the facility safe and secure?

A: Children are in continuous supervision by staff. Valley recently enhanced building security by installing external cameras and an electronic/key entrance, and updated the facility emergency plan.