Valley provides a daily routine for our students that allows for consistency.

Our day starts at 6:00am where the staff greet children to the center. Early morning time allows the children to enjoy supervised free play from the many quality toys and activities in the center. Free play continues until 7:25am, when the school-age children board the bus to Central Elementary School. At 7:30am breakfast is served to the preschool children until 7:45am when the preschool class begins. Preschool class includes calendar time, finger plays, and a story. Children move through activities offered daily that include language, science, math, art, music, dramatic play, blocks, and sensory tables. During this time, children may enjoy outside play as weather permits.

Meals are served in the form of morning snack at 9:45am and lunch at 12:00pm noon. Following lunch is quiet time, from 12:45pm until 2:45pm, with the children resting on individual cots using child-sized blankets which are furnished y the Center. Non-sleepers are provided quiet activities while remaining on their cots. Quiet-time ends at 2:45pm in time for the school-age children to arrive back to Valley with an afternoon snack provided. Afterwards, open center time gives the children the opportunity to choose their favorite activities and play with friends until it is time to go home. The center closes at 6:00pm for the day.

Hourly Schedule:

Greeting and freeplay.
School-age children board bus.
Preschool breakfast.
Preschool begins.
Mid-morning snack.
Nutritious Lunch
Quiet time.
School-age children return.