Our Philosophy

The philosophy of childcare services at Valley is based on the following beliefs:

  • that children should be provided with a safe, nurturing environment which encourages a lifetime of learning.
  • children are to be celebrated as individuals, worthy of respect, and supported in his or her unique cultural and developmental needs. Children are encouraged to value cooperation, interdependence, and give respect and care to others and their environment.
  • encouragement is give to each child to develop self awareness, creativity, and independence through positive interactions with staff and student peers.
  • a child's physical, intellectual, emotional and social skilll development should be play-based. Children are natural learners and are given freedom to experiment, explore, and think by exposure to open-ended opportunities and experiences which nurture growth.
  • children wil be provided with age appropriate curriculum and stimulating activities which allow opportunities for reasoning, problem solving and natural and logical consequences.
  • that discipline is a matter of self-control by the child. A staff member may mediate conflict resolution between children by allowing them to express their feelings. Staff may also use re-direction to another activity to diffuse conflicts. Children will be removed from the area if they are physically endangering themselves or others.
  • parents are the most important adults in a child's life. A respectful partnership between teachers and parents should be developed to provide for the best interests of the child