Why Choose Valley?

Valley Child Development Center is committed to providing high-quality childhood education services to the Wabash Valley accommodating all income levels.

What can we provide?

  • a safe, educational and nurturing daycare environment
  • preschool is part of of our daily schedule
  • a before and after school program for school-age children
  • year-round services from 6am-6pm, five days a week
  • a sliding-scale tuition to accommodate all income levels
  • and a curriculum-based preschool that focuses on social and emotional, physical, cognitive and language development

Our Program Works

"I’m a true believer in Valley’s staff and education. A year from now my daughter will be entering kindergarten. I honestly feel that because of Valley she will be entering feeling confident that she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to. The have helped her prove that to herself and for that I am forever grateful.” - A. Cottrell, Parent